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 Thiết bị phát WiFi 4G Netgear 815s

Thiết bị phát WiFi 4G Netgear 815s

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Mô tả

AT&T Unite Explore (AC815S)

Key Features and Benefits

  • Rugged design that is dustproof, shock and water-resistant
    (IP65 and MIL-STD-810G drop & shock)

  • Supports blazing 4G LTE Advanced speeds: Category 9, 2-band Carrier Aggregation (up to 40 MHz)

  • Powerful battery with over 20 hours of continuous use

  • High-performance technology with 802.11ac and Dual-Band WiFi 2.4/5 GHz

  • Content filtering (Parental Controls) protects from phishing and unwanted websites; and can also be set to your desired level of security

  • Guest WiFi with timer enables you to share WiFi securely and automatically shut it down a er a set time

  • Charges smartphones and small portable USB devices using the BatteryBoost feature

  • Intuitive touch screen based UI to conveniently monitor data usage, device and network settings

  • With no so ware to install, just power on and connect

Data Sheet

Brave the outdoors and bumps of everyday life with the FIRST rugged mobile hotspot from AT&T and NETGEAR – AT&T Unite Explore. It’s water resistant
and protected from drops and shocks – so your WiFi can take life’s unpredictable moments and adventures across town or around the world connecting to 4G LTE where available. With advanced features like content filtering and Guest WiFi with an optional timer, AT&T Unite Explore also goes the distance in keeping families and businesses safe and secure.

Technical Specifications

Technology / Bands

• 4G LTE Category 0, 2-Band Carrier Aggregation (up to 40 MHz)

• 4G LTE Advanced • 4GLTE


• WiFi 802.11ac, 2x2 MIMO

• Dual-Band 2.4/5 GHz, standalone or simultaneous

• Multiple SSID/Guest WiFi Support with optional timer

• WPS (WiFi Protected Setup) Support

Maximum Theoretical Speeds

  • Downlink: 450 Mbps

  • Uplink: 50 Mbps


    • Content filtering / Parental controls • Guest WiFi with optional timer
    • Optional on-device screen lock
    • WiFisecurityencryption

    • WiFi Protected Setup (WPS) • VPNpass-through
    • NATfirewall
    • Block WiFi devices

    • PasswordprotectedadministrationUI


    • DualTS-9connectors

• USB 3.0 port


• Removable Li-ion battery (4340 mAh)

• Over 20 hours of continuous usage

• Up to 24 days on standby

• BatteryBoost – charges your smartphone battery

External Display

• 2.4”QVGAcapacitivetouchscreen


• 113.5 (L) x 71 (W) x 20 mm (H)


• 92 g (without battery) • 178.5 g (with battery)

Device Physical Tolerance/Protection

• IP65 & MIL-STD-810G Drop & Shock

• Back cover and antenna covers must be fully sealed to meet the above ratings


  • Operating temperature: 0 to 35° Celsius

  • Storage temperature: -10 to 60° Celsius

  • RoHscompliant

    Package Contents

  • AT&T Unite Explore
    (AirCard 815S Mobile Hotspot)

  • Pre-installedSIMCard

  • RemovableLithiumIonBattery

  • Wall/USBCharger

  • USB Battery Boost Cable

  • USBChargeCable

  • USBCableCarryPouch

  • Quick Start Guide

Why is a mobile hotspot
a better alternative
to a
smartphone as hotspot?

Superior User Experience

• With so many other so ware processes and applications running at all times, a smartphone may not always prioritize the WiFi antenna or WiFi radio connection. A mobile hotspot, on the other hand, is designed strictly for that purpose. The antennas, radios, throughput, and connection with the mobile network are all optimized for providing reliable, high-performance network connections to mobile devices.

Extend The Life Of Older 3G Devices

• If a customer bought a 3G tablet or smartphone a year ago, for example, they can move up to 4G data speeds using a 4G hotspot and a WiFi connection.

Spare Your Phone’s Battery

• Using a mobile hotspot means never draining your battery just to stay connected. A mobile hotspot screen requires far less power, and it is built with a larger battery than most smartphones. Mobile hotspots also can enter a sleep state to conserve energy when there is no activity—something a smartphone typically can’t do as e ectively, as it needs to maintain a network connection to accept incoming calls.

Better WiFi Range

• Mobile hotspots typically provide better range, allowing users to maintain a connection up to 45 metres in any direction, even as they move about.

Safeguard Your Personal And Confidential Data

• In a world where personal and confidential data is targeted by increasingly sophisticated threats, mobile hotspots can also o er some added peace of mind. A er all, when you share a WiFi connection with others by allowing them to connect to your smartphone, you are potentially exposing all the information on that device. A hotspot isn’t a gateway into your personal life— just a dedicated Internet connection.

Connect More Devices & People

• Most mobile phones on most networks support just a few connected devices. NETGEAR AirCard Mobile Hotspots can simultaneously connect as many as 15 WiFi devices such as your smartphone, tablet, and laptop while out and about.

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