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Highest performance at range

Adaptive antenna technology enables Wi-Fi signals to be constantly formed and directed over the best performing signal paths thereby ensuring the lowest packet loss and highest performance at range.

Extended coverage means fewer APs

Directional, high-gain antennas dynamically combine to give hotspot operators and enterprises 2- to 4-times the coverage over typical consumer and enterprise APs.

Concurrent support for high-definition IP video,
voice and data
A directional, high-gain antenna finds the best path for any given transmission allowing unprecedented support for picture perfect high-definition video, crystal clear voice and high speed data.

Channel selection optimizes throughput

ChannelFly dynamic channel management, based on throughput measurements, not just interference, chooses the best channel to give users the highest throughput.

Distributed forwarding architecture
eliminates bottlenecks
Standalone or controller-based, traffic is not forced through the controller eliminating any single point of failure or performance bottleneck.

Simple extension of WLAN services

Integrated support for Smart Mesh Networking gives enterprise the power to easily extend WLAN services wherever needed and without having to run costly and cumbersome Ethernet cabling to every AP.

Enables new class of provider hotspots services

New revenue opportunities for operators such as Voice- over-WLAN services, extended enterprise access and IP video applications.

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ZoneFlexTM 7962 DUAL-BAND 802.11N SMART WI-FI


The highest performing enterprise-class dual-band 802.11n Smart Wi-Fi AP with adaptive antenna technology
The ZoneFlex 7962 is based on adaptive antenna technology that extends signal range two to four times while minimizing packet loss by constantly routing Wi-Fi transmissions over the highest performing signal paths.

The world’s only enterprise-class AP that concurrently supports Interference Mitigation, spatial multiplexing and adaptive antenna technology, the ZoneFlex 7962 delivers the industry’s most solid 802.11n performance at range. Because the ZoneFlex 7962 is able to constantly find the best RF paths for each packet, once deployed, enterprises never have to worry about constant site surveys as the environment changes.

Using Ruckus’ breakthrough ChannelFly dynamic channel management, ZoneFlex 7962 automatically select the best channel that will give users the highest throughput. Measuring not only interference but throughput as well, ChannelFly analyzes trends in the RF environment over time. When a significant drop in throughput arises, ZoneFlex APs react by automatically switching to

the channel that offers the best client throughput potential. Channel change notifications orchestrate a coordinated change with connected clients, ensuring no client left behind.

The ZoneFlex 7962 is also the only 802.11n product purpose-built for hotels, schools and enterprises that enables high-definition IPTV, video-on-demand and other video applications while supporting VoIP and data applications for guests and employees.

Ideal for multimedia and high-density user environments, the ZoneFlex 7962 can be deployed as a standalone access point or as part of centrally-controlled Smart Wireless LAN with the Ruckus ZoneDirector. Smart Mesh Networking, another unique feature, makes the ZoneFlex 7962 perfect for reliably extending wireless LAN services to areas where cabling Ethernet isn’t possible or economical — saving time and money. With dual radios, the ZoneFlex 7962 delivers high-performance throughout the mesh network.

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ZoneFlexTM 7962 DUAL-BAND 802.11N SMART


Patented BeamFlexTM Technology Extends Signal Range, Improves Stability of Client Connections
The ZoneFlex 7962 Smart Wi-Fi access point integrates a software-controlled smart antenna array that delivers 6 dB of additional BeamFlex gain and 15dB of interference mitigation. This allows a 2 to 4x improvement in signal range and a reduction in packet loss from the ability to automatically avoid interference and obstacles.

Advanced WLAN Applications with Smart/OS

When used with the Ruckus ZoneDirector
Smart WLAN controller, the ZoneFlex 7962
supports a wide range of value-added
applications such as guest networking,
Smart Wireless Meshing, Dynamic PSK,
hotspot authentication, wireless intrusion
detection and many more. With Smart/OS,
up to 2,048 discrete WLANs can be created
and mapped to the same or different APs or
VLANs. WLANs can also be grouped and
shared by specific APs. In a centrally managed configuration, the ZoneFlex 7962 works with a wide range of authentication servers including Microsoft’s Active Directory, LDAP, and RADIUS.

Flexible Deployment Options

ZoneFlex 7962 APs can be deployed as a standalone AP
or as part of a centrally managed wireless LAN using ZoneDirector Smart WLAN controllers. ZoneFlex 7962’s can
be deployed across any L2/L3 network, and can bridge traffic onto the local network, tunnel to a central location using L2TP or PPPoE, or route between the WAN and NAT’d private subnets.

It can be wired to the network or connect wirelessly by meshing to another AP when Ethernet cabling is unavailable. When used with ZoneDirector, the ZoneFlex 7962 is automatically configured through the network making deployment quick and easy.

Complete Local and Remote Management

The ZoneFlex 7962 can be managed as a standalone AP through a Web-based GUI, using SNMP or through the Ruckus FlexMaster Wi-Fi remote management system. Local management can also be performed using the ZoneDirector Smart WLAN controller. FlexMaster is a LINUX-based software platform that uses industry-standard protocols to perform bulk configuration, fault detection, monitoring and a wide range of troubleshooting capabilities over a wire area connection. The ZoneDirector enables local management and control of APs, adding value-added services such as transmit power control, guest networking and meshing.

Horizontally and vertically polarized antenna elements provide over 4000 potential antenna combina- tions for high availability Wi-Fi

An automatic signal optimizer modifies RF transmissions based on the orientation of the access point

A patented smart antenna array integrates high-gain, directional antenna elements deliver up to 6 dB in additional BeamFlex gain and up to 15dB of interference mitigation for unprecedented range extension, signal reliability and higher data rates.

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ZoneFlexTM 7962 DUAL-BAND 802.11N SMART